Our Story

Ben and Irene, our co-founders, met about six years ago. Ben was working at a startup in a government-funded accelarator program while Irene was working as an iron ore trader and a lifestyle influencer on the side. Ben helped to grow her Instagram following from 300 to over half a million followers.

They realised there was a need for a more efficient and sustainable model for creators. One that does not rely on brand sponsorhsips, but instead works with their communities for support.

During those years, Ben was investing in crypto and found the idea of utility NFTs very interesting from a technology point of view and how it can provide real world value to users, beyond just a profile pic.

Fast forward to January 2022, Irene made headlines as the first influencer to launch an NFT collection. This gave birth to a new creator fan community, called IreneDAO.

All the money raised was reinvested back into the community and they collectively agreed to donate the money to a good cause. This was SO-COL’s first proof of concept.

By building a purpose-built platform and making our own web3 technology more accessible, we want other communities, people and brands to benefit from this too.

Our mission is to make web3 accessible, affordable and more eco-friendly for everyone. This is the future. This is SO-COL. Join us.


Richard Wang

project manager

Peter Huang

Chief communication officer

Radina Galabova

brand/marketing lead

Cher Ming Oh

Product management intern

Mrunali Doshi

Digital marketing intern

Thanawat Thomas

Partnerships Community Manager

Mell Gao

product team

Minh Do

Community team

Arus Kochinyan

project manager

Sergey Eremeev

Dev team lead

Nikita Turov

web application developer

Archil Vardidze

Web developer

Andriy Borovets

Web developer

Danyyl Kuchkov

Web developer

Dmitriy Kuzmenko

Web developer

Oleksii Deviatov

Web developer

Vincent Sun

Design Lead

Jacob Thomas

creative lead

Mira Ivanova

UX/UI designer

Olga Yevtushenko

UI /UX designer

Sayudh Mukherjee


Rostyslav Stihailo

Web developer



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