DEAR CREATORS, we’re here for you.

We are the bridge between your social channels and web3. For the first time, you can own, sell and collect your favourite content. Like N-F-Ts. But better. And easier. With more real-world value.

Call your fans to join you. Your fans have always been eager to support you, now they have the tools to.

For too long, we have seen creators, like yourself, facing limitations on engaging with fans, monetising content, and truly owning their content. That changes now.

we know your pain points:

on other platforms:

  1. Engagement is limited. The only way fans can interact with creators is by liking, commenting (or gifting). And creators cannot give attention to all the fans at the same time.
  2. It’s hard to monetise content. Ways to support creators, especially financially, is not sustainable.
  3. Fans are disconnected. Creators do not have the opportunity to involve and engage with fans on a deeper level i.e. no channel for creators and fans to communicate and collaborate.



You can see your community at a glance and quickly understand who the superfans are. Together, with your fans you can create and vote on proposals and work on projects that help you and the wider community.


Unlike other social platforms which are owned by a central entity, here you own your content 100%. That’s the beauty of being web3-based and using blockchain technology.


Turn your content, your Instagram posts, your TikToks, your Tweets etc. into Social Collectables. Like NFTs but better. You just have to sign up, connect your social accounts and leave the rest to us. Our fees are only 2.5% per transaction, unlike 20% on other platforms.


Premium Collectables are made bespoke on our platform, together with our resident artists. You get to choose which artist you want to design your collection. Fans can then buy these Premium Collectables for more exclusive access and content from you.



A community-centric platform for fans and creators. Share a vision. Support a cause. Create change. Work with your creators, every step of the way.

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